Ways To Tell A Fake Rolex From A Real One

Even though the making of counterfeit goods is in large quantities throughout the world, the watch industry is primarily targeted because of the success of Rolex. For many people, purchasing a fake Rolex watch is more about projecting status and riches than buying a high-quality item. Many buyers who otherwise would not be able to purchase a Rolex may now represent themselves as Rolex owners by purchasing an imitation Rolex watch.

Every person should indeed have enough money to buy an authentic Rolex watch. That is why Rolex Counterfeit (นาฬิกา rolex ก๊อป, which is the term in Thai) watches have become famous these days, which look exactly like a Rolex Real Watch. But they are not real Rolexes.

The Demand For Counterfeit Rolex Watches Is Enormous

Why else could there be so many products in production, and would the brand fight the market for fake products? To comprehend why people, purchase fake Rolex watches. We must first consider their advantages. After careful consideration, we have concluded that buying a fake Rolex has many drawbacks besides the one benefit we mentioned above.

How can you know if the Rolex you want to buy is authentic and not a well-made replica, whether you wish to buy it for yourself or a loved one? Below are the three best indicators of whether something is authentic or false.


It is built of the best materials since Rolex watches, at their most affordable, cost roughly $3,000. It implies that an authentic Rolex will be very heavy and substantial.

Cheaper building materials result in a lighter watch in knockoffs. A watch specialist or seasoned jeweler can tell for sure because they can weigh it and will generally know what an actual watch would consider, but a simple test is to feel how it feels in your palm.


No genuine Rolex watch contains any marks, engraving, or writing underneath the watch.


Genuine Luxury watches are manufactured of three different metals: stainless, 18k gold, and platinum. They don’t produce watches that are 14k gold or gold plated. No matter how convincing the other aspects are, it needs to be more authentic if your Rolex includes any of these.

It indicates that the gold will not tarnish and that no metal should not be any metal showing through the surface. These are warning signs that an item is a copycat, and You should avoid these at all costs.