Discover the 10 Finest Australian Handbag Brands of 2023

In the World of Handbags: Australia’s Premier Brands Crafting Covetable Creations

When searching for the ultimate handbag, our natural instinct often leads us to explore international offerings. Be it the allure of renowned luxury brands like Saint Laurent or Louis Vuitton, or the distinctive craftsmanship associated with British and French labels, many of us tend to start our quest by gazing at global fashion houses before turning our attention to our homegrown talent.

You might not be aware of it yet, or perhaps old habits die hard, leading you to lean towards designer names in your pursuit of the perfect bag. However, within Australia’s borders, a treasure trove of brands exists that mirror the meticulous artistry, premium materials, and attention to detail offered by those globally acclaimed maisons. In fact, these Australian labels hold a unique advantage—they’re designed with the Australian woman in mind. This discerning woman values quality and aesthetics just as much as practicality. She desires handbags versatile enough for her everyday adventures, from casual outings to ordinary workdays.

To introduce you to the exceptional talents in handbag design residing right here in Australia, we’ve compiled a list of the finest Australian designer handbag brands to consider for your next purchase.

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Orange Cube

Elevate your style with meticulously crafted handbags from Orange Cube, featuring contemporary designs and premium materials. From everyday essentials to statement pieces, discover the perfect companion for any occasion. Embrace fashion-forward elegance with Orange Cube’s latest bags.

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Since 1938, Oroton has been synonymous with fine craftsmanship, offering a blend of European design and laidback Australian sensibility. Under the creative direction of Sophie Holt, Oroton has consistently delivered cult-favorite handbag styles, ranging from smooth leathers to innovative textiles like raffia and canvas.

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Poppy Lissiman

While Poppy Lissiman may be renowned for its sunglasses, the brand has been crafting bags since its inception in 2011. You’ve likely seen these bags on the arms of style icons, featuring metallic shell-adorned shoulder bags and the signature knot croissant bag, all proudly made from vegan or faux leather textiles.

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Peta + Jain

Despite its relatively recent arrival on the Australian accessories scene, Peta + Jain has swiftly become a favorite among handbag enthusiasts. Creating affordable luxury with a focus on versatile designs, these vegan bags subtly incorporate gilded hardware and align seamlessly with fashion trends.

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The Horse

Initially known for footwear, The Horse has transitioned into a leading name for watches and handbags. Committed to timeless design and enduring quality, The Horse offers a wide range of bag styles, from crossbody bags to vintage-inspired handbags, all customizable with your monogram.

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Status Anxiety

Status Anxiety defies fleeting trends in favor of timeless pieces, crafting simplified styles from high-quality leather. These handcrafted handbags are designed to become enduring essentials in your accessory rotation, making this Sydney-based brand a go-to for minimalist aesthetics.

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Brie Leon

While Brie Leon is recognized for its semi-precious jewelry, the brand also boasts a popular handbag collection. Inspired by heirlooms and vintage pieces, Brie Leon’s bags are crafted with the hope that they become cherished keepsakes. The brand’s commitment to slow fashion ensures that each piece remains timeless and practical.

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Dylan Kain

Dylan Kain’s signature symbol, I+II, and heavy metal hardware have become unmistakable hallmarks of their bags. Founded by three sisters, the brand produces chic and effortlessly wearable bags that perfectly balance practicality and excitement.

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Rylan Studio

Brooke Testoni, a familiar name on social media, has ventured into handbag design with her brand, Rylan Studio. Crafted in Australia from the finest European leathers and designed in Testoni’s preferred tones, these bags offer both classic styles and versatility to match your dynamic lifestyle.

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Maison de Sabré

Maison de Sabré continues the monogram wave, allowing you to personalize their signature Mini Tote completely to your liking. With premium top-grain pebbled leather, ample room for essentials, and the option to flaunt your monogram, Maison de Sabré offers a truly personalized handbag experience.