As the weather gets warmer, kids are in for a treat this Spring with a range of trendy clothing options. Girls can update their wardrobes with fanciful dresses and denim jeans for girls, while boys can go for comfortable and oversized clothes or joggers for a more casual look. Prints, layering, and sports ties are also among the popular choices for this season. For those looking to make a statement, co-ords or matching sets are perfect. In terms of colours, subtle earth tones, beachy colours, yellows, blues, and tie-dyes are all great if you’re considering buying a dress for 12 year old boys or girls alike. So why not give your kid’s wardrobe an upgrade this Spring? Here are a few sure-shot upcoming spring trends for kids in 2023:

  1. Graphic Tees:

T-shirts are an easy way for kids to express their style and have fun dressing up. Hurley at Rookie USA has the best t-shirts for this season! Their graphic tees are made from the finest cotton and are light and airy, perfect for warmer weather. With bold graphics and slogans, these t-shirts are sure to make a statement this season. Kids can create unique outfits with these creative t-shirts and show off their individual styles in an exciting way. Investing in a few of these t-shirts is a great way to give your child’s wardrobe a fun update and make a fashion statement!

  1. Tie-dye:

This classic trend is making a comeback this spring, with colourful tie-dye prints being seen on everything from t-shirts to dresses.

  1. Bright colours:

Bold, vibrant hues are in for spring, including shades of orange, pink, and yellow.

  1. Florals:

As always, floral prints are a staple for spring, and they’re showing up on everything from tops to skirts.

  1. Oversized accessories:

Big, chunky jewellery and oversized hair bows are making a statement this spring.

  1. Denim:

Denim is always a popular trend, but this spring, it’s all about mixing and matching different denim washes for a fun, eclectic look. Levi’s has amazing jeans and it need not be stressed upon that they are the pioneers of denim.

  1. Fringe:

Fringe detailing is a fun and playful trend for kids this spring, appearing on everything from bags to shoes.

  1. Sustainable fashion:

Eco-friendly and sustainable fashion is becoming increasingly popular, with many brands offering organic cotton and recycled materials.

  1. Sporty style:

Athletic-inspired clothing and accessories like sneakers and track pants are trending for kids this spring. Rookie USA is the Master of Athletic and athleisure wear. With brands like Nike and Jordan, you can never go wrong with the quality of their clothes. You can ]invest in good kids rash vests which also look very athletic

  1. Rainbow colours:

Rainbows are a cheerful and whimsical trend for spring, with multi-coloured stripes appearing on everything from socks to backpacks.

We hope these tips help you when you’re revamping your child’s wardrobe for the new season!