Customizing your dream wedding photo booth

You’ve picked the venue, the menu, your dress and suit. But have you thought about the photo fun at your wedding? Having a photo booth is becoming one of the most popular elements of modern weddings. And it’s easy to see why – photo booths encourage your guests to mingle and let loose while creating lasting memories you can treasure.  

Choose a style that suits you

Before anything else, think about the overall style and aesthetic you want your photo booth to embody. Though most photo booths have a classic look, you don’t have to stick with a plain curtain or neutral backdrop unless you want to. Consider opting for a booth wrapped in florals to match your arrangements or draped with dreamy chiffon if that speaks to your vision. Or for a playful touch, pick bright or patterned curtains. You also typically have a choice between an open-air or enclosed booth setup. Enclosed booths cultivate intimacy and keep passersby from photobombing. But open booths invite more guests to hop in on shots and allow you to fit bigger groups. Decide which vibe suits the social style of your crowd.

Customize the backdrop 

The backdrop is the biggest design factor of The Perfect Wedding Photo Booth since it will feature prominently in every shot. Standard backdrops are usually a single solid color or nondescript pattern. But you spice things up with a backdrop featuring photographic scenes or fun graphics. For the highest level of personalization, provide your images to be printed and hung as the backdrop. Some ideas:

  • Outdoor Wedding – Use an image of your venue or landscape
  • Seasonal Wedding – Feature a background with fall leaves or spring blooms depending on your date
  • City Wedding – Highlight your skyline or other recognizable landmarks
  • Beach Wedding – Choose a serene ocean view or sandy shore 
  • Romantic Wedding – Opt for string lights, paper flowers, or any design elements from your décor
  • Playful Wedding – Allow guests to ham it up with graffiti art or funky wallpaper patterns behind them

You could also display meaningful words or your name and wedding date. Or if your wedding has a theme, let the backdrop highlight it – like a vintage travel poster for a wanderlust wedding or book pages for a literary-inspired celebration.  

Fun pose signs

Provide guests with some direction and ideas for fun poses and shots by placing acrylic signs with prompts inside the booth. You print provided templates or create your own for a personalized touch. Consider including:

  • The newlyweds
  • Shoot us a kiss 
  • Group shot this way  
  • Strike a pose
  • Throw your hands up
  • Show some love
  • Insert wedding hashtag

Custom photo booth props

No photo booth experience is complete without props! Most wedding photo booths come equipped with standard accessory packs – fun glasses, hats, masks, and signs. Elevate the options with props customized just for you. Easy DIY additions could include:

  • Cardboard cutouts of your pets
  • Large emoji faces and hands 
  • Custom signs or speech bubbles  
  • Masks with your faces on them
  • Oversize versions of your glasses or earrings
  • Picture frames with your photos guests hold  

You also order custom props from many photo booth rental companies. Opt for props related to your theme like tropical gear for a luau wedding or cowboy hats and bandanas for a barn bash. If you have any inside jokes or couples’ mementos, translate them into playful props guests will “get” right away.