Bespoke Shoes from Maison Kingsley that Last for Decades

Rather than buying shoes by choosing from standard sizes generally offered by stores, it is better to have them customized to your foot’s measurements. It is also one of the smartest ways to prolong your shoes’ durability. To a significant extent, the durability of the custom boots depends on how it is measured per your feet’ requirements. Earlier, and even today, shoemakers measured client feet by taking girth measurements of each foot using tape and caliper devices and tracing the perimeter of the foot. Today, shoe manufacturers measure with the help of 3D studios and choose a wide array of shoe designs, shades of color, a combination of leather and exotic artwork, and many more. 

Such bespoke shoes are the latest trend in fashion and for official purposes, and although you need to spend slightly more as an upfront cost, it is generally very durable. Since you only buy another pair for a decade or more, you save your money. 

Exotic Leather and Skin Collection

If you browse the Maison Kingsley site, you will find a wide range of exotic leather. Again, you can try out the skin collection to choose the right one that fits your complexion and personality, as the 3D Luxury studio offers perfect customization. If it is women’s boots, you can increase or decrease the heel levels to fit your overall attire and looks. 

If you have aimed for the best and have arranged for the necessary budget, click on the alligator boots that will be amazing and go well with most classic attires. The alligator skin types look rough and tough and will remain with you for a long time despite rough use. 

Generally, bespoke shoes are made and traditionally take about 6 to 9 months. You can, however, get your shoes ordered with the Maison Kingsley site within a few weeks, thanks to the high-level technology used by the manufacturers. 

Shipping and Tracking

Your bespoke men’s boots or women’s shoes will be shipped directly from Spain within 3 to 4 weeks after your order is received. Customers will receive express tracking information after the package has been shipped. All clients must furnish their contact information or email address at the time of the initial order. 

Once a client has given the measurement, the work gets started immediately. All subsequent orders will be easier as there is no need for further measurements or prototypes. The boots are high-quality; clients can use the store’s Apple and Android apps. 

Before shipping, the company will add complimentary embossed initials and aromatic cedar wood.