All That You Need to Know About the Solitaire Engagement Rings

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Proposing your loved one with an engagement ring is indeed an exciting moment. And, there’s nothing better than a solitaire engagement ring to make it memorable. Though, we get pretty excited to shop for that perfect ring, with our little knowledge, we usually end up buying the wrong ring. Hence, a thorough knowledge and research is extremely important before procuring a ring. 

In this article, we are listing some important points that will help you understand your solitaire ring better, which will eventually help you in buying the right one.


The solitaire is a common term used for the diamond which stands alone on the ring, and which does not have any side stones or adornment. This term originates from the Latin word solus, which means by oneself or alone. This type of a diamond ring can be accompanied by a variety of ring settings like the pinched shank, split shank and straight shank.

Six prong setting

This type of a setting is known to be very secure and can enhance the shape of those brilliantly cut round diamonds. The Tiffany classic 6-prong has been popular just since its creation in 1886. This style has gained its popularity because of how elegant the diamond looks on the ring and how well it plays with the light while it rests on your finger. It’s simply magical.

Channel set

Channel set is known to be the first featured style of the side stone. In this form of setting, a number of smaller diamonds are grooved into a single row into the metal band, which do not have any space between them. These side stones are guarded and supported by walls of metal on both of its sides. With the help of this linear design, one can easily achieve a streamlined and more contemporary look.

Pave setting

Pave setting is a type of setting where multiple smaller stones will be set very close to each other. In the vicinity of the diamond’s surface, there will be a combination of tapered holes, where the tiny prongs will be holding these diamonds in place. This style of ring looks like that it has been rolled in diamonds.

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